doing the weatherman thing is pretty simple. go out while it is raining and write down how many people you've met, how much rain and wind there was or whatever you'd like to log. you can also take a picture. then put it all on your blog.

there are two sub genres:

1. extreme weatherman: just put on regular clothes and get soaked. only recommended in summer.

2. weather proof weatherman: put on weather proof stuff and not get soaked. works for me.


here's a few things on weather proof clothing:

jackets: i prefer jack wolfskin jackets with texapore fabric. but any real outdoor jacket will do. just make sure it is absolutely weather proof and breathable. don't buy the cheap nylon crap.

pants: same as for jackets. i'd recommend rain pants you put on over your regular pants.

shoes: weather proof outdoor shoes are the best. but you can also tape up your favorite regular shoes to weatherproof them. works ok.